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  • LED Lighting and lighting engineering experts
  • TEL:(86) 020 8648 9686
  • FAX:(86)020 8648 9687
  • E-mail:manager@hailindz.com
  • ADD:广州市越秀区西槎路荔德路318号汇富工业区A29
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    01Guangzhou Hailin Electronic Technology Co.Ltd

    Guang Zhou Hai Lin Electronic Technology Co.Ltd-founded in 2000,pride ourselves as one of the key high-tech companies in china,built on four-point principles:

    1、Science & Technology

    2、Innovative ideas

    3、Strong Branding and Image

    4、High performance Quality Production

      These points have strengthened our place in the market - our research, development, design, production and high sales quotas makes us leaders in the manufacturing of high quality semiconductors and drivers, and LED outdoor-indoor products.

      As well as rated a key hi-tech enterprise in China, we are placed on the Top10 of semiconductor companies in Guangdong Province, the Chamber of Commerce of Hi-tech Enterprise in Guangdong Province, LED Lighting Association Professional Committee of General Units in Guangdong Province, Private Technology Enterprises in Guangdong province, the Recognition Unit of the Famous Trademark in Guangzhou City, and the Innovation Demonstration Base in Yuexiu District.

      We have also passed the General Contracting Qualification Level 3 of City Public Engineering, Professional Qualification Level 3 of city and street illumination, engineering and electrical installation. We have aided many industries to lowering their environmental “carbon-footprint”,reduce electricity bills and lower overheads for replacements and maintenance costs.

      We continue to strive in improving our design, breaking through the industrial structure adjustment and the industrial development of key technologies and equipment constraints.

      Recruiting top senior research talent, to carry out the field of semiconductor packaging and testing of discreet devices and space engineering, we remain in the core of competiveness.

      Electronics and space engineering technology research and engineering innovation system integration technology is our growth vision.

    02Shenzhen Power Supply Manufacturing Base
    focus in LED drivers & computer drivers production area.

    03Jiangmen Semiconductor discrete device manufacturing base
    Concentrate on producing leds and components, including LAMP LED, SMD LED, HIGH POWER LED, diode and triode.

  • Head quarter:A29 building,Huifu Industry Park,318# Lide Road,Xicha Road,Baiyun District,Guangzhou,China.
  • TEL:(86) 020 8648 9686
  • FAX:(86)020 8648 9687
  • MAIL:manager@hailindz.com
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